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Debut Carbon EVO, Audiophile Turntable with Carbon Fiber Tonearm, Electronic Speed Selection and Pre-Mounted Sumiko Rainier Phono Cartridge (Satin Walnut)

Debut Carbon EVO, Audiophile Turntable with Carbon Fiber Tonearm, Electronic Speed Selection and Pre-Mounted Sumiko Rainier Phono Cartridge (Satin Walnut)

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  • 8.6" one-piece Carbon Fiber tonearm, integrated headshell
  • Electronic Speed Selection for 33&45 RPM (78 capable)
  • Low-friction precision sapphire tonearm bearings
  • Sumiko Rainier phono cartridge, factory mounted and precision aligned
  • Heavy 1.7kg Stamped Steel Platter w TPE Damping

Product Description

Time for Evolution. We have taken our most popular turntable design and improved every aspect of it.

Improved motor suspension

The Debut Carbon EVO features our new designed motor suspension. We have improved the old design to consistently reduce the vibrations better than before.

Adjustable TPE-damped isolation feet

The new Debut Carbon Evo stands on three height adjustable damped aluminium feet to get the perfect stand.

Massive TPE-damped steel record platter

We added a TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) ring on the inside of the platter. The result is an even quieter and noiseless operation with less wow and flutter.

Electronic speed changer & stabilizer

The rocker switch on the buttom of the turntable allows you to change speeds with the push of only a single button.

The Evolution

The new Debut Carbon EVO represents the epitome of Pro-Ject’s philosophy: high performance, clean aesthetics, and superb value.

Redesigned motor suspension

We used our technology and experience gained from the past and fit damping techniques of highend turntables into the Debut Carbon EVO.

A Stable Stance

A perfectly leveled, solid & stable platform is crucially important for proper vinyl playback. Our new Debut Carbon EVO uses 3 height adjustable heavy-duty metal feet to ensure a level positioning on every surface.

From the record to your amplifier.

Factory mounted and aligned Sumiko Rainier phono cartridge

The Rainier offers a replaceable stylus that can be easily upgraded to a Sumiko Olympia (or even a Moonstone!) in a matter of seconds.

8,6 inch carbon tonearm

The new Debut Carbon EVO features the proven 8,6‘‘ one piece Carbon tonearm design. The super stiff, but lightweight tonearm delivers an insane sound quality with a convincing sound stage.

Gold platet output sockets

The signal from the Rainier is transmitted via a single run of high quality copper wiring direct to high quality RCA connectors with a completely separate ground, preserving the balanced signal from the cartridge output.

Semi-balanced RCA phono cable

The Debut Carbon EVO is supplied with our Connect It E: a semi-balanced, low-capacitance cable with superior shielding designed specifically to carry the delicate phono signal.


Speed 33, 45/(78)rpm (electronic speed change)
Drive principle belt drive, electronic speed control
Platter 12”, 3.7lbs steel
Platter damping TPE damping ring and felt mat
Main bearing stainless steel, brass bushing
Wow & flutter 33: +/-0.19%; 45: +/-0.17%
Speed drift 33: +/-0.6%; 45: +/-0.7%
Signal to noise 68dB
Tonearm 8.6″ carbon fiber one-piece tonearm tube
Effective arm length and mass 218.5mm, 6.0g
Overhang 18.5mm
Package Contents Debut Carbon EVO turntable, Sumiko Rainier phono cartridge (mounted & aligned), Adjustable acrylic dust cover, Drive belt for 33 1/3 & 45rpm, Drive belt for 78rpm, Adapter for 7″ singles, Connect It E phono cable with external ground wire, Felt record mat, Multi-voltage power supply
Power consumption 4W / 0W standby
Dimensions 12.6" x 16.3" x 4.5"
Weight 13.2lbs
Sumiko Rainier Cartridge Recommended load impedance: 47kohms (MM input)
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